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Updated 22 April 2010

What our Customers Write

Picking up the DoKa turned out to be somewhat anticlimactic. The Wilmington Port was quite easy to get to. All business was conducted under one roof and it all happened within a reasonable time. All in all, it couldn't have been a better experience. The DoKa ran just fine, with no unusual vibrations, noises etc., even at or near 100 Km/h. Not bad for an older Mog! In fact, the vehicle is exactly as you described and exactly as I expected. If you ever need a recommendation for any of your potential customers, please steer them my way. I'd be pleased to let them know what a pleasure it was doing business with you.
Jack Champney, Unimog 416 DoKa (Crew Cab)

Thanks for your hospitality. You made us feel very welcome. It ran like a dream all the way home.
Glenn James, Unimog 406 with a Hiab 550 Crane, HPC Winch

It's been a pleasure doing business with you. If anyone here is interested in a Unimog, I'll certainly point them in your direction!
Keith Morehouse, Unimog 416 DoKa, 20-Speed, Werner F64 Winch

Picking up the Unimog in Tacoma was no problem at all. The mog started right up and the drive home was fine. It was about a 120 mile drive up I-5 to Bellingham. It ran great the whole way home. I am happy with the mog and I am looking forward to some good times in the mountains with it. Thank you guys so much.
Steve Brown, Unimog 404 with a MB Type C Winch

Posted to Topica's Mog List:  If you are interested in a good dealer located overseas, check out Classic Unimogs. Ziggy and Lisa are very easy to deal with.
Kimball Shahrokhi, Unimog 406 Soft Top with a Werner F64 Winch

You guys are Da Bomb! Your help and services are priceless. Ziggy is doing everything to get my Mogs running like tops... and you're helping us to accessorize; way cool!
Russell Booth, Custom Restored Unimog 406 & Unimog 404

eBay Comment:  Super cool people. Judges say...10...10...10 across the board. The crawler gears work great.
Dan Reeves, Unimog 404 Crawler Gears

We picked up the Unimog 406 from the port in Baltimore today. No problems. The trip home was extra long -- about 120 miles at 52 mph. The extra mounted tires in the bed didn't move a bit; you did an excellent job lashing them down. We spotted an army convoy on the interstate, and got in line behind the last Humvee for a number of miles. There was a lot of staring at us, all the way home. I could not be happier. You are QUALITY PEOPLE! Feel free to use me for a reference.
Dr. Paul Grussenmeyer, Unimog 406 Doppelkabine

I want to let you know how impressed we are with the condition of our DoKa. The truck is in much better shape than I would have imagined. Thank you for supplying such a great truck.
Alan Hannebauer, Unimog 416 DoKa with a Werner F64 Winch

I want to thank you for the technical support you've provided in the past year plus. I would never have gotten the truck had you not been so good about answering my questions.
Michael Hiscox, Unimog 416 DoKa Expedition Camper

I thought I would send you some updated photos of the MOG. I was just down at Windrock, TN a few weeks ago. The MOG did excellent! No problems at all, did some real hill climbs. Enjoy the photos.
John Omer, Unimog 406 DoKa (Crew Cab)

eBay Comment:  Wow, very speedy shipping and good packaging. Gears appear to be excellent.
Ron Krysiak, Unimog 404 Crawler Gears

I am happy to talk with others. It's a great truck.
Gordon West, Unimog 416 with a Hiab 550 Crane

I get at least an e-mail a week asking where to find a Unimog just like mine. I always refer them to you.
Matt Bollig, Unimog 406 Doppelkabine

In the end I got exactly the truck I wanted within my budget. If you want to buy one of the best trucks made, check out Classic Unimogs.
Greg Samuelson, Unimog 416 DoKa with a MB Type C Winch

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