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Updated 22 April 2010

Unimog Winch Manuals & Brochures - MB, HPC & Werner

Below are PDF files of winch manuals for the Mercedes Benz Types A and C front winches, the Werner F64 front winch, and the HPC U3 front winch. One page = one PDF file; a little tedious, but it makes for clean printing. The Mercedes Benz manual is only in German. The Werner manual is in multiple languages, and the HPC manual is also only in German. The HPC manual was scanned from a fax. However, since each page is separate, you have the possibility of printing it out at 110% or larger to make for easier reading.

New Additions: A very nice 16-page brochure of the Werner F64 front winch with lots of color photos, and brochures of the Werner F50 (front) and the Werner H50 (rear). For MB Trac fans we also have a Werner winch brochure. Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0, or newer, is required. Click here if you need it.

Daimler Benz Winch Manual:

HPC U3 Winch Manual:
Werner F64 Winch Manual:

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